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You are going find an odd combination of technical illustration and goofy drawings mixed up with clean simple print design and logos. It's a strange left/right brain thingy that some attribute to spending too much time sitting on the bottom of the pool as a child. Really it's probably just the years as an editorial illustrator dealing with deadlines and a call for constant originality. 

From beginning in the industry bouncing from agency to agency before landing at The Orlando Sentinel and then World Publications (now Bonnier) working as an illustrator and art director then on to Metropolis Graphics, creating on a catalog of collegiate greek wear, I have always worked to develop my illustration and design skills.  From there to creative director for a small company that recycles golf balls. An unusual business for sure, but we made some major packaging upgrades and marketing tactics for refinished golf balls that changed the industry. Currently I'm a senior designer for a Fortune 100 company marketing and communications department creating corporate wide campaigns, local employee and community communications, advertising and product information support. I strive to keep up with trends, new media and applications, and even get ahead of the curve where I can, and still find time for a goofy drawing here and there.

Take a look around and whiz an e-mail my way if you have a project you think we could work on or if you just want see some more samples. 

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